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J & M Monitoring, Inc. was founded in 1988 by its Principal and CEO Jim Patton. From its start up to today the company has grown from two part-time employees to over 10 full time staff. J & M offers professional services in the disciplines of Engineering, Geology, Microbiology, and Biology.Along with Phase I, II and III Environmental Property Assessments, Environmental Management, Environmental Auditing, Environmental Remediation and Emergency Response services.

Technical services provided by J & M include Onsite Remediation of Petroleum Contaminants, Underground Storage Tank Removal and Remediation, Asbestos Training, Hazmat Training, Asbestos Management and Abatement, Asbestos Inspection, Lead Paint Abatement and Refinishing, Mold inspections and Abatement, Indoor Air Quality Monitoring and Abatement, Landfill Monitoring.  At J & M, we provide the above expectations and more. We work with our clients to examine how best to compliment and serve your organization.